Welcome Home - (VS '19)

1. Good Old A Cappella

2. Higher And Higher

3. All My Loving

4. Mrs. Robinson 

5. Carolina in My Mind

6. You Are the Best Thing

7. How Deep is Your Love

8. Fly Me To The Moon

9. St. James Infirmary

10. Haul Away, Joe

11. Future Love Paradise

12. Vincent

13. Midnight Train to Georgia 

14. Night Moves

15. Takin' It to the Streets

16. Change in My Life

17. As 

18. Sucker (Bonus Studio Track)

The title of this summer’s album – Welcome Home – alludes to a couple of things: first, it speaks to the seemingly universal truth that the island of Martha’s Vineyard is home. Its laidback atmosphere, natural beauty, and close-knit community induce an unparalleled nostalgia that makes even Nantucketers feel like they belong. Playing off this idea, Welcome Home also refers to VS ‘19’s notably large number of returners. While our new members, Nick P. & Chuck, surely learned of the Vineyard’s magic by summer’s end, there was something undeniably special for the rest of the guys about getting to go back to their favorite island in the world. Just as the actual ferries to MV do on a daily basis, it is our hope that seeing the ferry on the cover of this summer’s album will help take fans to the island they call home – regardless of what corner of the globe they might be listening from.