Sound off Monday: A Second Year's Sentiments

August 1, 2018


First of all, you may recognize that the title of this post is a lie, today is Wednesday, not Monday. To be fair, I asked the summer for an extension but they were not willing to budge, not even for a loss of internet connection we experienced here on the Vineyard, likely due to a few days of stormy weather. Apart from that small blip and other minuscule hiccups, the 2018 summer has been one for the ages. 


Returning to the Vineyard from any time away is always surreal. It feels distant from the rest of the world, and stuck in its own time and pleasing way of life. The beginning of this summer was almost more exciting than last year, arriving for the first time as a new member of The Vineyard Sound. Armed with a summer of experience, it is safe to say that the excitement is more tangible and is accompanied with less uncertainty and a plethora of memories to justify the thrill of another summer living and entertaining in such a fun and beautiful community.


I frequently use my excitement for the Vineyard while at s