Sound Off Monday: Music Directorship

July 16, 2018


Hey folks!


I’m Connor Bennion, Music Director for VS 2018 and a fourth-year member of the group. I’m writing today about what I do as Music Director (or MD - though I’m certainly not a doctor).


In short, the MD is in charge of every musical decision the group has to make, and does the bulk of the teaching and conducting. That’s rather wide-ranging, so I’ll start with a birds-eye view. During the offseason, I compiled a list of songs that I wanted us to sing this summer. This process involved balancing a number of different objectives - there are songs we sing every year (like Good Old A Capella or Change In My Life) that we need to keep in the repertoire, songs that have been done well in past VS years that I wanted to bring back (like Empty Garden or Tracks of My Tears), and new songs that I thought could augment our repertoire (like High Barbary or Tell Her About It). I also tried to balance the number of slow songs, fast songs, sad and happy songs, etc.; and I listened to requests from audience members, alumni, and returning singers. The list I compiled has changed slightly as the summer has gone on, but I’ve tried to continue to  balance all these factors. I’ve also arranged songs