Sound Off Monday: How The Summer Starts

July 9, 2018



Hello everyone!


I'm Mark Thurner, one of the co-business managers of The Vineyard Sound this summer. This is the first in a series of "Sound Off Monday" blog posts we will be posting on a weekly basis that document what it's like to be in The Vineyard Sound. We get a lot of questions from our fans and this blog provides a wonderful long-form opportunity to go more in depth! In the future you'll hear from Connor our music director and Henry the other co-business manager on different aspects of the summer. Eventually other members of the group will contribute with their favorite places to eat, have fun, and also what it's like for them to be in the group! Let's get started.


Once the summer ends, we choose the next leaders of the group. This means the business manager(s) (BM) and the music director (MD). This year Henry and I split u