Lovett or Leave It

November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving has passed, our bellies are full with turkey and pumpkin cheesecake, the cold is firmly upon us, and we have quite a lot to be thankful for. Two weeks ago, Saturday the 11th, we had the phenomenal opportunity to perform the Lovett or Leave It theme song at the Beacon Theatre in Jon Lovett's hit podcast Love It or Leave It as a part of the New York Comedy Festival. It's always a unique and fun opportunity to sing in the off-season, but there was a heightened buzz among us, knowing full-well we were performing on the same stage as The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty (God rest his soul), The Allman Brothers... heck, even Parks and Rec's Nick Offerman sang a few tunes just hours before us. Recent VS alumnus Max Luton called it a "surreal experience." 


We couldn't be more thankful for Jon Lovett and his team for accommodating us, New York Comedy Festival's (and Vineyard Sound enthusiast!) Haley Saks for boosting us on social media, and our esteemed alumni Jeremy Nash and Josh Peck for arranging the Lovett or Leave It theme song and Sam Bigelow and Andrew Lefkowits for orchestrating the event for us.


Check out the episode here! We start singing at about 1:30 ;)