Farewell, 24th year!

August 25, 2016

It was quite the season for us for a number of reasons. Vineyard Sound has been so incredibly fortunate to have gained such a fantastic group of dedicated followers throughout its twenty-four years, and we truly mean it when we say thank you to the audience half way through each show. This summer was particularly important for us, as we began thinking more seriously about the future of the group and what could be done to get the Vineyard Sound name "out to the entire island and beyond". We feel we have taken a big step towards getting our group to be a household name on the island. 



This summer we received so much love from seasoned islanders, newcomers, and friends and family around the globe. We couldn't count how many times we heard from new faces in the audience that their friends and family had suggested they come to a show. That means a lot to us. Many of our shows were sold out, and we had an astounding amount of private performances this summer, including birthdays, surprise parties, off-island weddings, late-night illumination performances, and many more. We have been working hard on marketing, branding, and spreading the word, but so much of our success this summer came from friends, family, and audience members so THANK YOU!