Approaching Cruising Altitude

June 25, 2016

It's The Climb 

We'd say we're approaching 20,000 feet, of this summer's target cruising altitude of ~36,000 feet. 25 songs learned, 23 songs performed, 15 public shows, 6 private shows, one off-island ("offi(c)e-land") performance, and what seems like a thousand hours of rehearsal. Despite having been insanely busy, we've had time to get out into town, befriend local businesses, ride the Flying Horses carousel in Oak Bluffs, build a home recording studio, jam, visit our favorite beaches, chill at the local coffee shops, study, . Between all of that, it's seemed like we've been on island for months.


What's To Come

Our eyes and ears are now set on our mid-summer show at the Tabernacle church in Oak Bluffs on July 30th... We already have plenty of friends and family coming, but we're just now starting to officially promote the show. Many songs for the