Out the Door (VS '07)

  1. Good Old A Cappella (The Persuasions)

  2. Crazy (Seal)

  3. We Just Disagree (Dave Mason)

  4. In the House of Stone and Light (Martin Page)

  5. Empty Garden (Elton John)

  6. Beyond the Sea (Bobby Darin)

  7. Livin’ On A Prayer (Bon Jovi)

  8. Only the Good Die Young (Billy Joel)

  9. King of Pain (The Police)

  10. Cupid (Sam Cooke)

  11. I Can’t Make You Love Me (Bonnie Raitt)

  12. Feeling Good (Michael Buble)

  13. God Only Knows (The Beach Boys)

  14. Walking In Memphis (Marc Cohn)

  15. Captain’s Song (Vinx)

  16. Change in My Life (Rockapella)

  17. I’ll Be (Edwin McCain)

  18. Tempted (Squeeze)

Summer 2007 was a good one for the group, as 7 veterans welcomed newcomers Tatsuya AdachiAllie Levey, and Matt Prior to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Sound. All tracks were recorded at the Old Whaling Church, as the Tabernacle concert that summer was a big reunion show, featuring almost all members from the past 15 years. As always, the album represents a successful summer that includes old fan favorites like “Crazy” and “Captain’s Song” as well as new classics like “In the House of Stone and Light” and “Cupid.”


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