Naturally 23 - (VS '15)

1. The Boys Are Back in Town

2. Doctor my Eyes

3. End of the Road

4. Southern Cross

5. Mona Lisa

6. Under the Bridge

7. Brave

8. Bring it on Home to Me

9. Always Something There to Remind Me

10. Under the Boardwalk

11. Future Love Paradise

12. Liebe

13. Just Dropped in

14. Me and Mrs. Jones

15. One Hand One Heart

16. Rocket Man

17. Stacy's Mom

18. Good Old A Cappella

19. 7 Bridges Road

20. Vincent

This summer marked a significant milestone for the boys of the Sound. We learned a record-breaking amount of arrangements, collaborated with many different independent groups/vocalists (Phil Hughes – we’re lookin’ at you), and rocked the shortest most vibrant shorts we could legally parade around. But most importantly, this was the first summer we all worked as Vineyard Sound members full-time. Though it may not be known to all, many of us have had to work at least one part-time job on-island to make end’s meet; however, through hard work, perseverance, and the loving generosity of you, our fans, we managed to fully devote ourselves to this unique experience. In this, our 23rd year, we felt we truly served as The Vineyard’s natural entertainment group, giving way to this album title ‘Naturally 23.’ We can’t express our gratitude enough, but we can sure try next summer!