enjoy your friends. - 15th Anniversary Album

  1. Anime Eyes (Blip Blip Bleep feat. Sean Han – VS99-00)

  2. Silver Food (Dylan Connor – VS97)

  3. St. Sore Eyes (David Fountain – VS02-03)

  4. All or Nothing (Sam Bigelow – VS97, 99)

  5. Find Another Way (Josh Baumer – VS99-00)

  6. Wake Me Up (Javier Bernard -VS04-06)

  7. One Thing In This World (Guava Canoe feat. Eli Carroll- VS99, 01)

  8. Elephant Hide and Seek (SteveSongs feat. Steve Roslonek -VS92,93, 95)

  9. Jupiter (LittleHorse feat. Joachim Horsley – VS99)

  10. Let You Lead (Ball in the House feat. Jon Ryan – VS92-95)

  11. November Song (Jeremy Nash – VS03-06)

  12. Emmy (Willie May’s Haze feat David Fountain – VS02,03 and Aaron Stone – VS02, 03)

  13. Few and Far Between (Five O’Clock Shadow feat.Dan Lennon – VS94, 95)

  14. Love You Enough (Josh Peck – VS01, 03)

  15. Octavia (Tim Aslin – VS99-01)

  16. Luna (Drop Trio feat. Ian Varley – VS97)

  17. Happy Ever After (Polly Fiveash and Anand Nayak – VS94)

  18. Shenandoah (Garth Ross -VS92, 93)

Enjoy Your Friends was released to celebrate the group’s 15th Anniversary in 2007. It features alumni of the Vineyard Sound engaged in the their current musical endeavors. There are but two a cappella tracks on the album. Some of the contributors are full-time artists pursuing careers in music; others simply write, record, and produce material for the pure joy of such creativity. A celebration of the group’s collective legacy, this album highlights just a few of the many talented people who have contributed to the first 15 years of the Vineyard Sound.


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