Island Time - (VS '18)

1. Shut Up and Dance

2. Captain's Song

3. Take On Me

4. God Only Knows 

5. Into the West

6. I Want to Hold Your Hand

7. Lay Me Down

8. Wonderful World

9. Signed, Sealed, Delivered

10. Sunday Morning

11. Empty Garden

12. Come a Little Bit Closer

13. High Barbary 

14. Southern Cross

15. Vincent

16. Feeling Good

17. Change in My Life 

18. Takin' Care of Business

This album is a collection of live recorded songs from the Vineyard Sound’s 26th Season on Martha’s Vineyard. The 2018 year was a unique experience only made possible (like all Vineyard Sound years), by the warm community of Martha’s Vineyard. With so many people to thank and only a small square to right on, we will simply say: you know who you are. 


This years group consisted of 10 guys from Skidmore College, Wesleyan University, Connecticut College, and William and Mary. Singing in The Vineyard Sound is truly unlike any summer experience out there. Through performing, visiting beaches, and learning to share literally everything with nine other guys, this group forges lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories. 


Anyone who knows and loves Martha’s Vineyard understands the feeling of “Island Time”; it's when responsibilities drift away and the Vineyard way of life takes over. In the moment, the summer can feel as slow as being stuck behind a moped yet disappears quicker than a hot apple fritter. Thank you for helping create those Island Times for us, Here’s to yours and many more!