Rosanna - (VS '16)

1. Good Old A-Cappella

2. Work Song

3. Beyond The Sea

4. Change The World

5. Southern Cross

6. It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

7. Northern Downpour

8. Fly Me To The moon

9. All At Sea

10. I Want To Hold Your Hand

11. Danny Boy

12. Contact High

13. Midnight Train To Georgia

14. I'll Be

15. Valerie

16. Vincent

17. Pokémon Theme Song

18. Singed, Sealed, Delivered

19. Singed, Sealed, Delivered

20. Change In My Life

21. And So It Goes

The summer of 2016 was a tremendous one for the Vineyard Sound. With two members from five different schools, the Sound had an incredible mix of voices and personalities that built on the success of previous summers. To that end, we concentrated on bringing back some of the Sound's old favorites that hadn't been performed in several years, such as Change the World and Signed, Sealed, Delivered. We added new songs to the mix as well, including “Contact High” and “Danny Boy.” Vineyard Sound ‘16  was fortunate enough to collaborate extensively with it’s brother and sister groups on Cape Cod (Cape Harmony and the Hyannis Sound) - singing two joint shows with each of those fantastic groups, enabling us to bring a little bit of Martha’s Vineyard Sunshine off-island.  Thanks to a couple of VS alumni, we also discovered the genius that is Toto's "Rosanna." While we didn't sing it ourselves, it quickly became the group's favorite and most listened-to song in the house. “Rosanna’s” timeless energy served as a perfect encapsulation of our soul-to-soul and brother-to-brother summer.